My dog is so clever


I have 5 big dogs of various mixtures and a small dog which is apparently a Papillon – which looks to me like a maltese kind of poodle dog .  All the big dogs have been picked up as strays in Mozambique and the Papillon was found as a stray in Zimbabwe.

The newest addition is Puppy or Rubbish.  He hasnt been named properly yet as I spend more time calling him Down, Stopthat or Buggeroff.  He was picked up as a small, sweet, round butterball off the road outside my house where he had been thrown by the “puppy sellers” who hadn’t been able to get rid of him that day.  That’s why I called him Rubbish – or Lixu which is the Portuguese word for Rubbish!!  He is now 6 months and stands about a metre high and he drags me around with him and wont let me out of his site.  He is the sweetest most adorable animal but drives me nuts.  Everything has to be chewed, including the cats who are also dumb and allow him to chew them.  Everything he does is carried out with this very vacant expression of adoration and excitement.  He is not clever.

Chicco, the Papillon is clever and has been since I found him.  He also has been totally attached to me since I rescued him and has often alerted me to danger and has been my friend and playmate.  he lived with me in Harare, sleeping on my bed and alerting me with growls and yaps if there was an intruder in my garden.  He has walked for miles with me on the streets of Harare and Mutare, lived with me at Chicamba and now in Beira.

He loves going for walks and gets so excited chasing his tail around and jumping up at me barking and nipping me.  when we walk in town he is always on a leash but that doesnet stop him from strutting along showing everyone how beautiful he is but I think his favourite walks are when we are shutting the restaurant at night and I take him for a last walk on the beach.  he loves it, chasing the waves and the crabs.

He is my clever dog.  He seems to know what I am thinking.  Today I was sunbathing when my looney tortoise came and started biting my toes looking for tomatoes.  i went to get him some but by the time I came back he had disappeared.  As usual every time I walk out of the house I am surrounded by the dogs and normally the cats as well after a while.  I walked around looking under bushes saying out loud “where is the tortoise, where is the tortoise?”  I noticed Chicco looking at me quizzically the one time but paid no heed.  He has a way of attracting my attention and I noticed him looking at me then nudging at a group of flower pots under the hedge.  i went there and there was the tortoise!!  Chicco had known what I was saying, it is such a strange feeling.

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