Valentines Pain In The Ass Day


I dont like Valentines Day.  I love Romance and flowers and presents and candles and all but Valentines Day itself has never been very memorable for me.  I cannot remember one when I have not been in an unhappy relationship, or no relationship, or married, or working.

I am told I am being cynical but I just cant see why people try so hard on one day of the year to do something they should be doing all the rest of the year anyway.  If you are in love or happily married then you should show your partner this every day.  Maybe this is why my marriage didnt work, my ex husband only gave me one Valentines present and that was the Valentines Day before we were married.  We were married for fourteen years and after the first few years even I forgot there was such a day.

There have been some occasions I can remember – practically forcing one boyfriend to take me out by doing all the bookings, preparation and paying myself.  Another year a boyfriend, who lived about 50km away, gave my sister-in-law money and told her to buy me things and take me out – he forgot to even phone me!

As I work in Lodges and Restaurants I have often been working on Valentines Day and have been the one to organise everyone else’s happiness.  Some people pull out all the stops and celebrate their love on this one day in full style and I wonder what they do for the rest of the year.   You normally find females are more interested and involved in all the hearts and flowers, the males often do the limit of what is necessary and then sit back and breathe a sigh of relief if it was successful.

I have also noticed that different cultures celebrate either more or less.  In Africa the black africans love valentines and are very generous with their love and declarations.  The  white africans are normally very restrained to the extent where the Afrikaans white african males think it below themselves to do anything about it at all.  Out of the foreign visitors I have watched, the Italians, French and Portuguese love the celebration of Love and celebrate in style.  Whereas the Germans, Swiss, Dutch dont seem very interested at all.  The English and the Americans celebrate the celebration itself.

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