I really like this idea and I am going to try and post something at least weekly, time and internet connection permitting.


Living on the coast has always been my dream.  I used to wish and pray to have the opportunity to move to live on or near the beach.  I had all these visions of barefoot walks, lovely long swims, playing with dolphins, lying in a hammock on the porch of my beach cottage, owning a beach cafe come book shop.  I am old enough now to realise that life does eventually give you your dreams and wishes, but never in the way you wanted them.

I now live right on the beach in a tiny dilapidated house.  On good days all is calm and the sun shines and temperatures soar to 36 – 38’C with humidity in the 80’s.  There is always a breeze blowing but sometimes it blows so hard you can barely open your door.   You don’t really go outside from about 9am to 5pm, you stay inside an air-conditioned room – if you can that is.  I go for a walk at about five most evenings on the beach, I have to wear shoes most of the time because of the pollution, broken bottles etc.  I constantly get harassed by fisherman and beach loiterers, beggars and  vendors trying to sell me things.  I now work in a restaurant, also right on the beach.  The hours are long and the customers are normally drunk and rude mannered.  And all the time it is hot.

Dreams and wishes do come true, but maybe we should be careful about how we wish for things.


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